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Latest news

28 яну, 2021

More than 500 lawyers from Bar Association of Rome participated in the third cybersecurity webinar

Alarming data about a boom in cyber attacks aimed at professional firms in Italy in 2020, was announced at the webinar “L’hacker nel faldone” (The hacker in the folder) - an event organized by Bar ...

25 сеп, 2019

New Centers for Information Security start working in Bulgaria and Israel

The insurance Cyber Solutions for Your Business by Lev Ins is intended for small and medium businesses. Thanks to the SOC – Center for Information Security, our clients receive 24 hours service at a ...

17 ное, 2020

Black Friday – a trap for the virtually unprepared

With the coming of the so-called Black Friday, all kinds of offers are flooding us for more and more tempting discounts. Are we able to differentiate the real from the fake ones and know how to ...

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